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Worldcoin is a digital currency secured by cryptography. As a descendant of Bitcoin it shares many similarities but is more advanced and friendly to Brick & Mortar Businesses which require the fastest speed possible."

Maxcoin trades top the 250 bitcoins yesterday on MCXnow over news from MAX himself.

about halving of the blocks. Question is now when will this happen likely? days, weeks or months?
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Is McxNow's "dogecoin haircut" acceptable?

Sorry to post about this again today (earlier post), but the dogecoin haircut announced by digital currency exchange McxNow (See; the text is copied below) really worries me quite a bit.
Mcxnow appears to have suffered a Ð350m loss because they did not timely upgrade to the 1.8 client. Apparently a 1.7 pool has been set up (by others) which sent millions of 1.7 dogecoins to the exchange where they even after the auxpow switchover could still be exchanged for bitcoins. Those bitcoins were of course taken off the exchange.
The wording of the announcement text is rather misty, but it looks as if the McxNow now intends to repair their Ð350m loss simply by taking away (valid 1.8) Dogecoin from the present Dogecoin balances of their users during the coming days. By using words like "general consensus of mcxNOW users" they even seem to suggest that this also is the wish of those users.
It is not my intention to cause undue panic and I really hope that my reading of this situation will proof to be wrong, but in the mean time we'd better be safe than sorry and closely scrutinize steps taken by this exchange in this matter.
text from mcxnow website:
DOGE Update 22 October 2014
The general consensus of mcxNOW users is that they want mcxNOW to be upgraded to the 1.8 DOGECOIN chain like the majority of the network. Since mcxNOW only has 100% of the coins on the 1.7 DOGECOIN chain this means that some type of "haircut" will have to be initiated on users with DOGECOIN to match the real balance with user balances here.
Currently about 7.5M DOGE has been donated by users and mcxNOW, still leaving about 343M DOGE unaccounted. This means roughly 15% of DOGE users hold here is valid on the 1.8 network. An exact number for the "haircut" will be given in the next day or so but it's obviously going to have to be drastic so that balances here match the real balances.
DOGE Announcement 20 October 2014
Due to the small delay in updating DOGE 1.7 to DOGE 1.8 mcxNOW is missing 350 million DOGE on the 1.8 network that it had on the 1.7 network. We are in discussions at the moment about what to do to in regards to this situation.
If you have some spare DOGE you don't mind donating to help address the problem please send to this address (...)
More news soon.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 298 - Weekly Wrapup #36

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
This was your week in Dogecoin.
This Week's oWaWs
Top images/Memes of the Week
Dogecoin Games
Dogecoin in the News
Good Reads
Did I forget something? Of course I did! Please let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!
It's 8:24AM EST and we've found 95.00% of our initial 100 Billion DOGEs - only 5.00% until we reach our soft cap! Our Global Hashrate is down up ~941 to ~1048 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up from ~16130 to ~18417!
As always, I appreciate your support!
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**Update From The Einsteinium Dev Team**

~~~~ Mini Einsteinium Team Update ~~~~
VOTE FOR EINSTEINIUM ON CRYPTSY.COM Yes that's right - Cryptsy now also have voting We strongly feel that being listed on both and would be hugely beneficial in getting the word out about Einsteinium to the wider alt community to do this we need to be listed on a major exchange - Cryptsy is one of those exchanges! Vote here: (you have to be a Cryptsy memebr to vote)
If you have even the smallest amount of BTC to spare send it here: 1DpJn1CdytHXfzCdg4kXXe3vNDZmJqh48D 0.0002 BTC = 1 Vote for Einsteinium
The Einsteinium Foundation proudly announce: Einsteinium: Launched 1st March 2014, 6pm GMT Current Epoch: 1
DOWNLOADS: Windows:!PJQ03SjC!mXhRbX8lLiiYbhd8FMal4kwDZdND8luzTClZ_er6db4 Mac OSX:!CNwCzYoL!cOmoUA82qmaSJ_mUribCWozBnDj0vYaP3VhxIzl5-KM Source Code:
About the Einsteinium Foundation
The Einsteinium Foundation was created to help, in any small way it can, raise funding for cutting edge scientific research. To this aim we created Einsteinium, a new cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin), to gather funds that can be distributed to projects the community chooses. Combined with donations from the community at large we will help fund some of the most innovative projects currently under-way or help seed those waiting to start.
The Goals
The principle task of the Foundation will be organize the selection and distribution of the Einsteinium Fund that is collected each month from the community mining the Coin and direct donations the Fund.
Each month a small selection of projects we the Foundation think are worthy of support will be collated together with suggestions from you the community. Voting will be held during the last few days of each month, the winner of the poll is selected and the funds passed over.
There will be no restrictions as to who is eligible for inclusion in the monthly selection for voting, the only criteria is that the science involved is pushing our understanding forward and could build us a better, safer and more interesting future.
From simple Kickstarter project to the Gates Foundations effort against Malaria, if between the Einsteinium community and the Foundation we reach consensus that the project is worthy we will send the funds.
Details and Special Rewards When a Wormhole is good for you.
Epochs The mining of Einsteinium is divided into Epochs, each Epoch is 36000 blocks long and is targeted to last 25 days. The Proof of Work mining of Einsteinium will last 730 Epochs.
Wormhole Events: During every Epoch from the start of mining through to Year 10 a random Wormhole Event will occur. A Wormhole Event is 180 blocks long with a reward of 2970 Einsteinium per block. This is a fixed value reward irrespective of the current block reward and replaces the standard reward for that block. A Wormhole Event is randomly generated and can start at any time during an Epoch, but will ALWAYS be 180 blocks long.
Continued appeal
As we move past 25th Epoch the Wormhole Events, in conjunction with the rising value of Einsteinium, will be a substantial incentive for smaller miners to continue mining. With a reward of hundreds of times the standard block value up for grabs you won’t want to miss a Wormhole Event
And Remember! With every block mined we are funding the future!
Einsteinium Foundation Fund Wallet address: EKnqTC9XEuucZEhD3miDGnbJxBptcxhByA
Fair Launch No pre-announcement, everyone has a fair chance to solo mine NO pre-mine Kimoto Gravity Well implemented from block 1 Starting reward lasts for 50 days
Profit calculator / difficulty graph
(please use all the pools) (0%) (0%) (work in progress) (0%)
The stratum implementation for EMC2 differs slightly due to our donation/block system. Any pool owners wishing to set up a pool for EMC2 may want to review this code first.
Pool owners please contact us if you wish to be listed as an approved pool in this thread and on the official web site.
Block explorers
Faucets Official Faucet Coming Soon
Block 1 Block 1 is a little larger than the rest of the blocks from Epoch 1 & 2 at 10747. this is to eliminate the need for pesky decimal points in the Wormhole Event blocks. We were really geeky and set the total number of Einsteinium to be equal to the speed of light in m/sec (in a vacuum!). Unfortunately that particular universal constant didn't play along when we divided it down so, mildly OCD that we are, we preferred a Wormhole block to be 2973 instead of 2973.4blahblahblahblahblah!. To be honest my OCD wanted to plump with 2970, but that would have made block 1 WAY to big.
Bounties None currently
Press & News Articles
...and Finally Einsteinium is a cryptocurrency aimed at supporting and funding scientific research, all the automatic donations will be distributed to mutually agreed upon projects and the very small 0.5% gathered for faucets and give-aways won't be spent buying onto exchanges or paying out spurious bounties. Every single ECM2 we spend or give away will be very carefully considered, it will be used to spread the word and build the community, it won't be frittered away on bribes or on something we can do ourselves. And don't worry, if we build this community together and make it strong we WILL get listed on the exchanges!
The Einsteinium Launch Team are listening and active on this thread, if you have ANY questions please ask. Please be as courteous as you can to your fellow community members and to us, the Einsteinium team. Please be aware that the majority of the team are located in the UK (GMT+0) so responses to your questions may be slower between 1am & 6am GMT - we have to sleep sometime!
~~~~ The Latest Einsteinium Team Update ~~~~ 4th March 2014 - 10pm GMT
We have just turned 3 days old! Time to burp us and change the nappy
That’s right Einsteinium is JUST 3 days old, and yet we already find ourselves listed on 2 exchanges, a third,, will be listing EMC2 from the outset. We have twelve pools, two faucets which we, and you the community, are keeping stocked, plus a block explorer. As I write this the network is at 1.33GH/s there have been 5626 blocks mined totalling 5,761,024 EMC2 in circulation.
EMC2 is bouncing between 400 and 1400 sat on the exchanges, even if the volume is low, which considering the turmoil the alt markets have been seeing over the past few weeks we see as a major achievement. But we know that EMC2 is worthy of a higher price and are confident that when listed on an exchange with larger volume we will see the price start to climb towards our short term target.
So, please keep voting for us on Cryptorush and Mintpal!
We also strongly feel that being listed on both and would be hugely beneficial in getting the word out about Einsteinium to the wider alt community, therefore, if you are member of any of their required exchanges please hit them up and request that they list EMC2/BTC.
BTC-e - Crypsty - CoinEx - Coins-E - Bter - Vircurex - - - CoinedUp - mcxNow
Down To Business We are growing the team!
We would like to welcome on board the first member of the community to join the Einsteinium Team; Kreativekrypto
We will be reaching out over the next 24 hours to one or two other members on this thread to enquire if they would like to get more deeply involved – keep an eye on you PM inbox Smiley
Android Wallet We have an Android wallet in progress for Einsteinium, it’s not far off so we’ll keep you posted on the progress.
Press Recognition We are reaching out to a number of blogs and traditional media in an effort to raise awareness of Einsteinium, Crypto blogs are an obvious first port of call and hopefully you’ll be seeing the Press & Article section of the OP start to fill up nicely. We are not stopping there though, we are casting the net further afield and contacting science and technology media as well. If anyone has a direct line to a blogger or journalist please point them here and the foundation website and have them reach out to [email protected] – it’s not what you know it’s who you know!
Reddit and Twitter Kreativekrypto will be leading our Reddit and Twitter initiatives. With the team still currently low on numbers we’ll be starting off with moderate sized competitions, but expect them to grow over time.
The Funds There is a very interesting concept we are testing internally with regards to the Einsteinium Foundation Fund. If it pans out as we hope you’ll all be the first to know Cheesy
Transparency We will be publishing the main fund wallet address very soon and that will be followed by a public ledger of transactions. DONE!
Please, Please, Please send us some suggestions for science related projects that you feel are worthy of support by the Einsteinium Foundation. Leave your ideas here or contact us through the web site We have selected four to get things rolling, you can see them here: THIS is heart and soul of Einsteinium, we want the funding to be as democratic and inclusive as we can possibly make it – get nominating!
Together we are funding the future with the future of currency!
We NEED Your Feedback
As you will no doubt be aware because of the block halving the collection for the coin promotion fund is weighted towards the first 3 years of mining. However, we have been working with figures that spread the promotion fund equally over the first 10 years of the coins life. That gives us a little under 7000 EMC2 each Epoch to spend on promotions and give-aways.
Now, that puts us in a quandary, there is ECM2 in the pot to achieve certain goals in the very short term, purchase 'votes' to get on cryptorush or Mintpal, pay for advertising and hire marketers. However that would leave the promotion fund much shorter in numbers of EMC2 in years to come, for example it would take around 250,000 ECM2 to buy sufficient ‘votes’ to get us listed on Cryptorush, a site we are confident that we will be listed on organically over time. Of course the counter-point to this argument is that in years to come the value of EMC2 will be significantly higher.
So we open it up to the community. Do we spent now or ensure that there are promotion funds for many years to come?
Thank You. The Einsteinium Team
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MSI Forum Mod calls us all criminals and

"Bit mining is a very questionable activity. Who knows where the money comes from, much less what the data or the cryptography is actually used for. It is well known for hiding money for both corrupt and terroristic purposes. "
This is what the bozo actually said to me. I posted a thread asking about Fan replacements and Aftermarket Coolers for MSI 270x and 280x. My thread was locked after I reported that I was repeatedly harassed by another member in the thread.
Me: I bought 4 MSI cards back in Dec, 2x270x and 2x280x. 3 out of 4 of my cards have issues already with regards to fans. Grinding, noisy, and stuck. Yes my system is clean and I've tried canned air on them numerous times. From what I've been reading the fans are just poor quality in general when it comes to heavy users like us miners. Rather than ship these off for RMA which will take 3 months and result in a huge loss mining I'd like to just replace the fans myself. Not concerned about warranty. I'll happily give that up. The cards paid for themselves long ago.
Since I can probably buy 10 sets of fans for the cost of shipping the cards back I'd much rather that route :)
Can I get the part # for the fans please? Or could someone please point me in the right direction for a similar fan that would fit without any modifications?
Alternatively if there are any good 2slot aftermarket coolers that fit these gpus please let me know.
Its a shame the fans are so bad on these cards cause they perform extremely well otherwise. MSI pls take note.
Another Forum User referencing rules: Don’t…
Mod response after repeat harassment of above forum user:
"I'll make this simple. They linked you to technical support. That's all we can do. If you don't want to follow the forum rules you agreed to when you made an account, then that is your choice, but you were warned by them, now you've been warned by me. There are plenty of online retailers that sell aftermarket coolers. A simple Google search or amazon search will yield numerous results. That's as much help as anyone here can provide. With that, I'm closing this flame thread, as we do not support 'mining, bitcoining, or other questionable activities'.
The next time I see something like this from you, 6strings, I will be forced to take real action."
Threatening me?
Now to PMs.
Me: Please tell me what rule I broke.
I wasn't asking about Bitcoin mining whatsoever.
I am asking about the fans on the cards I have, and what aftermarket coolers users may be using.
Is this against the rules in anyway?
ou clearly stated in your post what you were using them for. We clearly state in our rules we will not support bit mining in any way. You want new fans? You can either contract MSI for RMAs or find some after market coolers. As I stated, Google will produce some results, as will amazon.
Bit mining is a very questionable activity. Who knows where the money comes from, much less what the data or the cryptography is actually used for. It is well known for hiding money for both corrupt and terroristic purposes. While you may not be using it for this purpose, doesn't mean others don't. Which is why this forum follows this stance.
Me: I'm sorry you lack a proper understanding of Bitcoin. You are grossly misinformed I'm afraid. I suggest you do some research on the subject. Much has changed and the public perception is not clouded by false judgments anymore. It is widely accepted. Even major Tech retailers like Tigerdirect accept it and sell mining specific equipment. There are sites like where you can buy a gift card for just about any major retailer with bitcoin. Fully legit site supported by those retailers. Banning talk about Bitcoin is no different than banning talk about Paypal or Credit cards at this point in its evolution.
I'll be happy to steer you in the right direction. We're good honest hard working folks. There is no "nefarious hashing". Bitcoin itself is open source. See for yourself. Where these crazy notions came from I have no idea but they are completely false and misguided. Its quite sad really. A lot of bright people have missed the boat on something big because of this nonsense. Come visit our communities. a good place to start. Take a look around. Ask questions. Or pop into and have a chat with us. I'm there often and so are many other good people. We're building a new world here and everyone is invited to be part of it. No need to be so dismissive.
The majority of issues with crime and Bitcoin come from hackers or con-artists. This has nothing to do with the coin itself. Much like the early days of Ebay. Ebay wasn't scamming folks but criminals were using Ebay to do so. You see what I mean?
If I make a post asking for information on fans or aftermarket cooling solutions are you going to delete it? No mention of mining or bitcoin. Just straight up request for info.
Clearly that itself doesn't break any rules. I don't want tech support. I want info from MSI users. Surely MSI won't give me information on aftermarket cooling solutions for their products as that would void warranty and MSI itself will not help a user void their warranty. Even if I give up my warranty voluntarily they won't budge. I've been down that road already. Thus why I am here.
I'm sorry that you can be so deluded. What you want to believe doesn't change the fact that it is still possible. If it's possible, people will do it. If you haven't figured that out in life, I'm sorry for you. Yes, some e-tailers may accept it, and the public view is slowly changing. Unfortunately it doesn't change the fact that you agreed to rules by joining the forum, and then berate users because they inform you of them. They are the rules and if you don't like them, you are welcome to post else where.
Lastly, you apparently still haven't gotten it, even after saying this multiple times. You can easily Google for coolers, or look on amazon. They exist.
So much ignorance in that misguided buffoon.
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ruzziduzzi - YouTube Flipside Bitcoin News 7: Birthday meltdown, Hopped up on Coinffeine, Pump your abs: develop the core mcxFee tem quedas após artigo criticar mcxNow 11/03/14 BIPS attacked, $1M Stolen -- mcxNOW to become mcxLATER -- Dread Pirate Satoshi? Fastest digital currency exchange pro trader upgraded account in action!

The McxNOW cryptoexchange has suddenly suspended trading due to overwhelming user growth and support requirements. News Learn Videos Podcasts Research. Trending. Bitcoin. UK-Listed Firm Mode ... XPM market is back now you can tran on fastes exchenge on market with 0.2% fee with: LTC XPM PPC FTC MNC SC DVC WDC CL mcxBUX [is given out when... The McxNOW digital currency exchange is reportedly "shutting down for a period of time" due to an overwhelming amount of support requests they are. Advertise; Submit a Press Release; Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis. Price & Market Cap Data from. Home; News. Bitcoin; News; Analysis; Cryptocurrency Technology; Sponsored; Press Releases; Education. What is Bitcoin? Accepting Bitcoin ... McxNOW – primary cryptocurrencies exchange for Bitcoin. Average order is <1 BTC. CoinField – Canada's largest bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange registered with Fintrac. Average order is ~1.5 BTC. Blockchain App Factory - White label exchange platform for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin. Mincoin Is this week’s BULLISH cryptocurrency on mcxNOW Posted By Crypto on Oct 12, 2013 0 comments Mincoin (MNC) is this week’s bullish advice for all cryptocurrency traders on mcxNOW. After following this cryptocurrency for a few months, this could be one of the best time to buy them belo...

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ruzziduzzi - YouTube

History was made on 11-20-2013 when shepshep7 calls in to C-Span, is 'absolutely right' and mentions THE premier website with a built in C++ trading platform for the worlds best and ... News Live Fashion Spotlight 360° Video Browse channels ... Trading Site MCXNOW and Bitcoin On C-SPAN Washington Journal: Wired Magazine's David Wolman - Duration: 3 minutes, 11 seconds. 406 views ... #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrencies This video will Enlighten you to see what other exchanges price ranges usually run at. when making your trading decisions it's always a good decision to check ... mcxNOW Mercury Metaexchange Mintpal Mt Gox Netagio Nxt-e NxtChg Palth Prelude QEX Safecex SecureAE Swisscex UA-BIT VaultofSatoshi WBE 999Dice BetKing Betterbets Bitdice Bitsler BitVest.IO ... Ganar dinero en línea / bitcoin en España, trabajar desde casa tjäna pengar på nätet / bitcoin i Sverige, arbeta hemifrån H̄āngein xxnlịn̒ / Bitcoin nı thịy thảngān cāk thī̀ b̂ān