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"If it's easy everyone could/would do it" = bit coin is going up to $XXXXX.00 - a late night Op Ed :)

Tired, steak + beers = my thoughts but here it goes:
As difficulty goes up, shouldn't the inherent risk/reward go up as well? Less people will mine, which will lead to a slowing down or leveling off of difficulty. As it approaches "impossible" who would mine? No one!
When that day comes, miners will evolve and grow into real businesses (not geeks at home, which is already happening in 2014 with 20nm chips) with real expenses and risks. The price of the next BTC must go up as miners supplying coin decreases
But the demand for bitcoin will only increase with time thanks to media attention and widespread acceptance and as demand and difficulty of mining go up, the price must also increase. This is basic supply-demand economics.
When supply increases at a pace that is only a fraction of the demand for a single bit coin, the price must go up -- and each miner's reward will decrease.
The Fed is doing the opposite with the dollar by printing more (increasing supply). This inflationary measure will only increase the price of a bit coin too!
If demand reaches zero because bit-coin fizzles, the same thing that happened to lobsterman will happen to bit coin. The demand destruction in the lobster industry was caused by a trifecta of global macro events:
1-conservation efforts lead to increased supply, 2 -costs for fuel and wages increased causing a dramatic shift in risk and profitability, 3 - and, the economy tanked and people didn't go out and order it at restaurants as often
Seems like the emergence/future of bitcoin has a binary future (how fitting) - its all or nothing
btw, lobster prices are back up since 2007-2009, guess why :) can't wait for my Neptune LOL
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Hash Rate going to 2bn GH/s - this is why!

Lets calculate the hash rate at the marginal cost of electricity;
0.10 $/kWatthour 800.00 Bitcoin price 150.00 Bitcoins per hour (using 25 per 10 mins target) 120,000.00 $ Payout per hour 1,200,000,000.00 Watt (price times payout) 0.70 Watts/GH/s (here I used the Neptune 20nm miner) 1,714,285,714 Giga Hash/s (Watt/0.7)
This is where I think we will eventually end up should the price stay at this level.
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Another decision was to leapfrog the 20nm planar process since the company felt that advancements offered were not sufficient, a point that they have previously made on their blog and a philosophy that has echo’d by other tech companies. Rumours about NVIDIA skipping 20nm for their new generation of Maxwell GPU’s have been rife for months, though reportedly in some instances this has been ... Bitcoin BTC price graph info 24 hours, 7 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year. Prices denoted in BTC, USD, EUR, CNY, RUR, GBP. Bitcoin’s price reached a two-month high on Wednesday, taking month-to-date gain to over 13%. The top cryptocurrency by market value rose to a high of $12,379 soon before press time – the ... Bitcoin: Miner-Belohnung wird halbiert, Kurs um 10.000 US-Dollar Anfang kommender Woche halbiert sich die Belohnung für Bitcoinminer auf 6,25 Bitcoin. Posted in r/Bitcoin by u/bitkeef • 53 points and 35 comments

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